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18 : Soft Rock / AOR

I can quite honestly say I have never owned a single album of this stuff.
I loathe this stuff more than anything on earth. Rock is supposed to be hard , that's why it's called ROCK. I can appreciate soft music , I just hate this cheesy shit.
You can always tell a soft rock band a mile away. Big perms , bushy beards , white suits all smiling at each other on stage , maybe if your lucky there will be a woman on keyboards dressed as fucking Tinkerbell in all her airy fairy glory.

I fucking hate all of them. fuck Fleetwood Mac ,fuck ELO , fuck Boston , fuck Journey , fuck Foreigner ,fuck Styx.

Anyone mind if I include Wings in this too?
fuck Wings too

In fact I guess I should be grateful that I live in the UK where apart from a couple of exceptions most of this shit didn't sell and not the US so I don't have this shit rammed down my throat whenever my Ipod needs charging and i'm forced to listen to the radio at work. Although not even in the UK can you escape Mr fucking Blueskies or Big Love.

Oh and if your wondering why I didn't specify the 1970s in the title. I only did it so that I could call out the Lighthouse fucking Family for the bunch of cunts they are.

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