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I'm just gonna throw this out there for *shits n' giggles:

If you were God, had just created the whole universe probably for the sake of alleviating your boredom but now found yourself in the tricky situation where you could see everything, know everything that was going to and had happened, etc. etc, what would you do? Assuming Boredom is a quality we can attribute to God, and it seems to me to be one of the primal forces in the universe, for why else would there be one in the first place, how would he get rid of it? Is not the only way to get rid of Boredom to impose limits on yourself, which you must then overcome? Is not overcoming the only thing that gives anything purpose? Then perhaps, if you were God, and saw the creation you had made with all its limits and challenges, perhaps you would become part of it? Perhaps you would become a person. And what happens when this person dies? Would you be satisfied? Or would you do it again? Would you want to remember, or would you intentionally forget? What does a being with eternity do with it?

Basically what I'm saying is that we're all God. I know this is true because LSD told me.

Freedom=boredom (how long can you play gta without doing any of this missions?)
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