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Originally Posted by right-track View Post
Cohen's is the most memorable, if not the best version. Buckley's is mostly forgettable and I like him the most between these 3 artists.
I've already said that Burke sings it best in my opinion, despite what the X-Factor knockers say.
But when I hear this song, even after hearing Burke on the radio for my mind I always hear Cohen singing it.
Thankfully, it's the only thing that stops it getting on my nerves through overplay.
Completely agree with you there. Buckley's is a bit of a throwaway (no idea why so many people idolise it). As for Burke's, I'm a bit of an X-Factor knocker myself, but she does sing it with a lot of heart and passion, so I'll give her that. Cohen's original is the only version I've heard which sounds like a properly-formed and thought-out song, and is a lot better for it.

Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
I totally agree. Cohen has a lot of far better songs. And honestly, considering who wrote it, the lyrics really aren't that great. I don't know why people seem so obsessed with covering it.
Bit weird eh. I'd have thought a song like Suzanne or Story Of Isaac would suit being covered by countless artists a lot better.
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