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...and here is Alexisonfire

16. Alexisonfire (2002)

What it is: Post-hardcore
Favorite Track: .44 Caliber Love Letter

There had to be an Alexisonfire album on my list, but the problem is, which one? Every time I sat down and thought about which album was my favorite, I ended up more clueless than I was before. At first I was pretty certain that it would be 2006's crisis, due to the accessibility of it and the great songs. But finally I settled on their self-titled debut album, and here's why.

"Alexisonfire" is rawer, less structured, more intense/energetic, and far more passionate than anything they released after. "Crisis" and "Watch Out!" have more standout tracks sure, but Alexisonfire works better as an album, and that is the point of this thread, is it not? So I shoved aside the accessibility of the other two, and decided that the sound of a young hardcore band making their first record is a far more interesting listen.

The sound of Alexisonfire on this album is sharp and angry. They take a lot of influence from hardcore punk, but some odd structuring and complexity say otherwise. There is tons of screaming here, probably 90% of the vocals are screamed. The singing doesn't strike me as pretty, nor does it aim at producing a hook, like it does on the other two albums, but it's more just an instrument in the chaotic mix. It's a sound that is tight, together, and no part seems to stand out more than another. The production is quite low-end, but that doesn't take away from the album at all, but instead adds to it. As I said before, it's very sharp.

Alexisonfire have produced a hardcore masterpiece with this album, and their rawness, passion, and punk rock vibes set them apart from the whole hottopiccore thing, a trend which they are often wrongly associated with.

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