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I found my deepest musical secret ever. You know those breakup songs ****ty artists right? My friend and I wrote on as a joke:

Its called "I Want My Ex-Boyfriend Back"

This world... is not for me
Oh baby,
Can't you see
With your eyes?
They must be blind
Because I'm the sexieset bitch you ever got to GRIND!!

This Pain, underneath my bosom is too much.
Yeah this ache beneath my jugs is for youuu...
And I miss you bad, and I want you back, I know my love is true.
What to do?
About this pain beneath my boob.

I sniff your clothes... like a creeper
Your grimreaper
Costume smells like youuu...
And I'm climbin this figurative mountain
I hope it does not get steeper,
Because I might come crashing DOOOOWN!


I love you so... that my love's out of stock
for any other man or any other-- Faaace!


Come back to me... come back to us
Because without you... there's only three
just me and my booooooo ooo ooooo ooo o o ooooo ooo obs!!
just me and my boobs
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If your love for music stops where you can hear the difference between 'super blackened green death metal' and 'technical zoomacroom symphonic metal', then you're a tosser in my book.
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