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Monday Monday Monday - Tegan and Sara

I lay awake and miss you when you go
Without me
What's wrong with you

The next song on my shuffle was just too awesome to not put here. Tegan and Sara have great harmony (especially at the "Monday" part) and they're so endearing...and the music they sing to always fits very well. It's not very complicated music. I like the simplicity. This song, like Pretty Lush, has found itself at the top of my Myspace play list more than once.

aaaand another great song comes up on shuffle...

Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart - Against Me! (Ft. Tegan Quinn)

Anxiety, Anxiety you give me no mercy.
Grind my teeth smooth and flat in my sleep.
We took some pills to calm us down.
Then we needed help to come back up.
Just trying to stay in control of the situation.

This song makes me go crazy. Its so beautiful, it features two of my favorite vocalists ever...(Tom Gabel and Tegan Quinn) ...I don't remember who showed it to me first but it's been a video on my Myspace for months. That video was was a live version. Gone now. So you get some crap with a picture. But go read the lyrics. So good. The guitar is really, really good too. But the vocals, just amazing.
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