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Originally Posted by The Unfan View Post
Except that you threatened to give him an infraction for "following" you. Again referencing my last post.
No I gave him an infraction for repeatedly insulting me unprovoked.

This is the behavior I'm talking about. I make an honest thread (this one) discussing your merits as a mod and you call me names for it.
Give me a break, the three of you have been trolling me, and because I caught the bait you're making me out to be the bad guy. I overreacted to Caveman, he does push my buttons, and because he has so much inmunity I'm letting the other mods handle him now, since I can neither ban him or reason with him in any way.

You even admit you mishandle your mod powers. Thanks for proving my point.
Because mods can NEVER make mistakes.

Just admit you have it out against me.

Originally Posted by The Unfan View Post
He's given me one infraction which I'm not even upset about. I'd agree that the infraction he gave me was a fair one.
And yet you're saying I treated you all unfairly. And I haven't. I haven't done anything to Wayfayer, not a warning, an infraction, anything.

If anything I've been way too goddamn lenient on you two and look what you're doing now, making this thread and saying I'm abusing my powers when I haven't even DONE anything.

I only wanted to do something about Caveman, I'm not conspiring against him, I want justice. I've agreed to let the other mods deal with him so the Caveman issue is over for me. Yes I did threaten to ban Caveman on the spot, I didn't think anyone would care, I didn't know the mods would stick up for him, the fact that they do is inconcievable to me. To me he's just a troll, who doesn't contribute anything to the site except for one little section which gives him the impression that it gives him license to be a jerk on the rest of the site. I figured just banning him would be perfectly acceptable for everyone else and I was wrong, I made a mistake.
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