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I just got Together Through Life, and my first impressions are its different than anything Ive ever heard from him. Keep in mine the 'newest' album I own by him is Desire. So yeh his gritty voice sounds 1000 times grittier and at times it sounds like he's having trouble hitting high notes, but whatever its Dylan. The music is great, alot of instruments ive never heard him use before. And his lyrics, well his voice has become so rough its hard for me to make out what he's saying. Though i'm sure this one will grow on me. Its a good album, but I dont think its amazing. Like I said it'll grow on me.
Yeah it definitely a good album , one you can listen to over & over.
As for Desire its Dylan's best album (IMO) but as for that being the 'last' one you bought. I have mostly all of his albums (apart from the gospel **** although I did buy one album 'Saved' & some of the tracks were alright so it wasnt as bas as made out to be), havent you heard any of his 80s stuff (after his gospel period) starting with 'Infidels' is a great album, 'Empire Burelesque', 'Knocked Out Loaded' & My personal favourite of his 80s period 'Oh Mercy'. Ones to avoid are 'Down In The Groove' which I went to a lot of hassle to get, but isnt up to much & obviously the other gospel albums, I cant comment on them as I only have 'Saved' but I will eventually buy them when Im bored just to complete my collection.
Also in the 90s he did quite a lot of very good material 'Good As I Been To You' is very good album full of traditional cover songs, 'Under The Red Sky' is actually the first Dylan album I bought & the one that got me into him surprisingly (its alright but not to be taken seriously),
'World Gone Wrong' is the best studio album he did in the 90s (IMO) & is
another album of covers.
The only one I aint too keen on is 'Time Out Of Mind' but It aint bad.
Also theres the 'MTV Unplugged' album which is probably the most listened to Dylan album I have. I actually prefer the live versions of 'Like A Rolling Stone', 'Tombstone Blues' & 'Rainy Day Women..' as opposed to the original versions on the 60s albums.(which surprisingly is actually my least favourite period of his works- I'm much more likely to listen to one of his 70s, 80s, or 90s albums than his 60s.
Anyway theres a wee run down but just to summarize I suggest you check out:
'Infidels', 'Oh Mercy', 'World Gone Wrong', 'Good As I Been To You', 'MTV Unplugged'. Also you should just backtrack and get the ones you aint got, you never know you could like some of the ones I dont really like such as 'Time Out Of Mind' or 'Down In The Groove'.
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