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Originally Posted by SATCHMO View Post
You don't have to reflect personally. You only have to STFU long enough to be respectful toward those who do wish to use the moment as a time of personal reflection.
What if I don't respect the person who wishes to use the moment as a time of personal reflection? Would you STFU if Hitler wanted to use a particular moment as a time of personal reflection? What if, the night before, you were eating your girlfriend out following an evening of Chinese food and accidentally threw up egg foo yong all over her vagina and she freaked out and started batting you over the head with an illuminated lamp and set your hair on fire and caused you to spend the next several hours at the hospital and so you really weren't in the mood for a moment of reflection and Hitler told you he wanted one? Would you do it, or would you tell him to STFU and to stop trying to impose his will on all those surrounding himself and to stop killing Jews and to go be silent in reverence of his own cadaverous relatives on his own bloody time and wonder why he thought it mattered whether or not you were silent in the first place when it was in fact he and only he who was commemorating the lives of his dead relatives?
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