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Originally Posted by TheCunningStunt View Post
Interesting theory, TheCunningStunt has a theory, imagine when you die, and you lie in your coffin, instead of going to heaven or hell. All you see is your life, like one big movie. That isn't really a theory, nor a belief, just a 'what if'. I think that'd be great.

I just imagne priests, take a vow of absenence, do everything right, pray, give his life to something that there's no proof of existence..

He dies. There's no reward.

God if that happened to me, I'd be so pissed off.
Are you a theist or athiest? Because why would you use the word "God" if you don't believe in God??

absenence? The vows priest take are Poverty (or perfect charity), Chasity, Obedience. So if the priest dies with no one there to reward him, he lived the life he wanted.

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