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Originally Posted by IamAlejo View Post
First part is you're putting a ton of faith of handling major $$$ industries in the hands of people who have shown a complete lac of the idea of fiscal responsibly and are in love with the thought of taking on debt and leaving the debt to be recalled once they are a past thought. Not exactly strong business procedures.

And I do believe government health care will fail. The problem is if it fails, we've wasted a ton of much needed $$$ and pushed ourselves further into debt for a failed result. Even worse can be if we realize the failure after forcing out the private insurers and have encompassed ourselves in this system that at that point we wouldn't be able to get out of.

I'm not sure I completely understand your last point so hopefully I touched on something...been a long night.
What I mean to say is this

There is a claim that government can out-insure people because it can tax for income and keep its prices low.

But thats not been the rallying cry against socialized medicine until now. What has typically been the case is claims of 4 month waiting periods for things as simple as an x-ray.

We're supposed to believe that injuries become far more serious because they aren't treated immediatly.

if thats true

then why does it matter how much this supposed ****ty health insurance costs? Even if its free the only people who would take it would be those who can't afford HMO's.

Like a national defense system, I believe that national health care is one of the few things the government should offer/do.

And from a Political standpoint, let me say this. I have zero problem with Reagan and his presidency. And he was a damn good politician but he ushered in this "us vs. the government" thought process, while simultaneously saying "the people run the government"

I'm not sure how the two work together but I'll say this. People came together and agreed upon government. This isn't some foreign interloper coming here to overthrow us and lead our lives.

Government should at the very least have its peoples protection in mind. I think the idea that Healthcare goes to the private sector is as smart as giving the Nation Defense, our military, to the Private Sector. I see an obvious parallel and I don't think many would agree we should have the Navy run by Lockheed/Martin, and the Air Force run by Boeing.

I'd be curious to hear your opinion on this one Alejo, assuming of course I was coherent this time (I can never tell when I am or not)
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