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Gonna go at this parts at a time.

Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog View Post
There is a claim that government can out-insure people because it can tax for income and keep its prices low.
Eh, I claim the government can out-insure people because they can price it however they please because they have no stakeholders who have an interest in turning a profit and are comfortable with the fact of taking on massive amounts of debt that they never plan on paying.


But thats not been the rallying cry against socialized medicine until now. What has typically been the case is claims of 4 month waiting periods for things as simple as an x-ray.

We're supposed to believe that injuries become far more serious because they aren't treated immediatly.

if thats true

then why does it matter how much this supposed ****ty health insurance costs? Even if its free the only people who would take it would be those who can't afford HMO's.
Because if you tax current health benefits it is more cost effective for these companies to no longer offer such benefits, letting their employees instead be put into these government issues programs.

Government should at the very least have its peoples protection in mind. I think the idea that Healthcare goes to the private sector is as smart as giving the Nation Defense, our military, to the Private Sector. I see an obvious parallel and I don't think many would agree we should have the Navy run by Lockheed/Martin, and the Air Force run by Boeing.
Again, in theory this is a great idea. But there is no substance in to how effectively it can be enacted in our society with our economic situation. Pointing to other countries isn't an argument, as the situations are no where near similar.
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