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Originally Posted by Tidusauron12 View Post
Daydream Nation is the album that makes me love Sonic Youth. It's such a shame that their innovations hasn't been installed into the mainstream rock scene. As a matter of fact, none of the class acts of the 80s/90s have installed well into the mainstream.

I feel similarly about Nirvana's music - great... but no one has responded to it properly.
Really? Nirvana's body of work has translated fairly well into the mainstream, in my opinion, especially since Kurt's death.

But Sonic Youth's music really hasn't touched down in the mainstream since the 90's. Somehow Thurston Moore and the rest of the group have been able to gain and maintain steady notoriety. "Daydream" is definitely my favorite album by SY. "Teenage Riot" is always finding its way into my headphones.
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