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That was one massive post Erica. I'm a fast reader, and it seemed neverending. your renound for that.

I don't have any complaints about the moderation on here at all really.
I think the moderators have a good judgement of character (meaning they find it effortless to spot spammers etc.) and react quickly to the problems. I don't find the mod's to be elitest or on power trips at all, I find the mod's as easy to get on with as I do normal members, and no offense to anyone who thinks they do a bad job, but your probably pissed off because they gave you a warning etc, because you done something wrong. Its the way its supposed to work. You can't let one off, without letting others off. So it's only fair to keep all members in check. Even ones mod's favour.

That's just my opinion really. I'm sure older members who have been here a much longer time than me have a more eagle-eyed point of view of MusicBanter and probably see it alot differently from me.

edit: Nooo my beautiful post count damn. I should have kept my opinion to myself

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i havent i refuse to in fact. it triggers my ptsd from yrs ago when i thought my ex's anal beads were those edible candy necklaces
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Keep it in your pants scottie.
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