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This forum is moderated just fine. I don't feel the mods are TOO harsh to generate any arguments over a warning or a ban that way but i also wouldnt expect people to get away with shit here either which is the way it surely should be?

I mean, im pretty much against petty squabbles and arguments on internet forums and it's always been one of my pet hates. The reason i have usually left forums by now is because i just cant be bothered with the endless amounts of arguments and pissing contests clogging up the forum space. However i know fine well i can end up getting involved in them from time to time because a) depending on the content, i can feel a response or retalliation brewing and end up involving myself without even thinking about it and b) some people are just stupid for me to be able to resist a swift kick every now and then.

So, ive probably technically broken some rules in my time here, even if just once or twice but i also know ive never really done anything to warrant a quick word or at least i havent the way i see it and ive never been moderated. I've also been able to spot a few bans coming and they've all taken place shortly afterwards and also this is probably the only forum ive been on that isnt clogged with 90% bullshit and 10% of content with any relevancy whatsoever.

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