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So I was looking at my mediafire profile and it seems like the albums I've plugged in my blog have received a high amount of notice, each up to about 100 downloads. Checking my Youtube page at the same time, some of my Gothic Country music videos have received a lot of views and I'm currently sitting with 19 subscribers and 8 follows of my blog. All I can say is holy shit, people are actually listening to me!!!

Here's the numbers from my blog:

Elliott BROOD - Ambassador - 112 downloads
Those Poor Bastards - Satan Is Watching - 96 downloads
O'Death - Broken Hymns, Limbs, and Skin - 266 downloads
Sons of Perdition - The Kingdom Is On Fire - 83 downloads
Tarantella - Esqueletos - 171 downloads
William Elliott Whitmore - Song of the Blackbird - 63 downloads

That's some pretty impressive numbers to me, especially for O'Death. All I can say is thank you for listening, you've been great, and I that with some improved vigor I'll be updating more frequently.

Thank You!
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