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Originally Posted by NumberNineDream View Post
Btw you should get a bigger avatar, that picture is really cool (as I saw the original one).
Also good work on it.

So the only one I hadn't heard was the How Low cover, it really shows up your voice. I wonder why you're not much of a fan, but usually people tend to be harder on themselves than on other. It is healthy, as it makes you far from being content with what you hear, and just pushes you to do better.

All I have to say is, good work, hope you the best now that the band seems official, and I wonder why I stole a knife from Denny's is not in there.
Haha, I Stole a Knife From Denny's is never showing up anywhere. Ever. Ack. That is for your private listening "pleasure" only.

Thanks for the compliments on my voice, everyone seems to view that song as me "coming out of my shell" so to speak. Truth is, I was just trying to sing like a man. Oh well, I'll try to keep it up. :P
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Originally Posted by Lucem Ferre View Post
church is still boring even with Kanye.
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