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Originally Posted by Piss Me Off View Post
I suppose it's a difficult one, you have to balance between whether you think they deserve to be in there and your own personal opinions.

Also, I could do with people sending more nominations, would be very grateful!
When I get enough posts I will.

I thought this was a poll to determine our favorite bands here? Influence should not be a factor; I don't think anyone who voted "no" (including me) would deny that Led Zep was an incredibly influential (and popular) band, but this isn't a "most influential artists" list. If it was, then Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan would be in the top three, and I don't think that's going to happen here (and it would be somewhat boring anyway; talking about music is best when you're talking about subjective topics).
Please Read the Title

It's the hall of fame, not favorite artists. Why would we have a yes or no for it then?
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