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Originally Posted by duga View Post
i use my overears even when out in public...i look like a weirdo with giant phones on my ears and i can't hear a damn thing that is going on around me...but i can't help it i need good quality anywhere i go.
I actually used to do this as well. People would get frustrated trying to get my attention, was sorta I'd have to take them off and put them around my neck so I could converse. Eventually it evolved into my just wearing them all the time, even if I wasn't listening...I'd just have them around my neck. I assumed I looked really cool, but who knows.
I haven't done that since that pair broke and I got the Sennheisers though, I just don't wanna risk it. The Bose in-ears are really nice, and being able to hear what's going on around you has it benefits sometimes too I suppose.
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