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stand up is also a good track but lyrically "May Day" is probably their best piece of work or at least my favourite, it's very metaphorical and truely displays the lead lyricists talent.

I loved the opening lines;

"Born in the flood
Bloody fingerpaint sets
Blackmarketed fresh
Water canons forget me not
Epitaph airbrush with death
White t's
Wife beaters
Button up
Reattach flesh"

Their album wasn't nearly as consistent as it should have been. There's about five tracks on it that I'll listen to.

"If we're all merely players in a play on this great stage,
the problem is the script writers ain't on the same page,
I echo through the mountain when I'm singing in the air,
from my lab a lad with lavish lyrics living in his lair."

"Wake up and listen, hear what's not for the public's ears
Pinocchio poets played by profiting puppeteers"
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