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Originally Posted by xEMGx View Post
Music can't be rated fairly. It's all pure opinion. Why do you look at reviews, if you like it who gives a s*** who else likes it.
There's only partial truthfulness to this sentiment. Of course no person can tell another person whether or not they like a piece of music. HOWEVER, there is something to be said for differentiating between well-composed, authentic, and/or (insert other applicable adjective) music and the popular stuff.

IE, person A: "Britney Spears made the best music of the 90s!"

person B: "While I respect your opinion, Person A, it would be fair to argue that Britney Spears' music was not actually the most well-composed music of the decade. In fact, despite her popularity, her music was actually quite poor in comparison to the likes of Radiohead."

@thread: I use Metacritic as well. After reading this thread, I'd like to try a different site. Anyone know a good site that calculates metascore ratings for music?
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