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Originally Posted by Flower Child View Post
I found that review anything but boring and dry Bulldog! Loved it, wonderful job, very descriptive. You may be surprised, but this album is one of the few Bob Dylan albums I haven't check out yet. I tend to be a Blowin' in the Wind, Times They are A-Changin, A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall type of girl. I wasn't aware that Johnny Cash was included in this album until now. Definitely gotta check that out. I have a feeling Bob Dylan managed to fit into the sound pretty easily. I will look at those videos as soon as I get home. Great job Sir Bulldog, Master of Reviews. Looks stellar in the thread!
Oh garsh I tend to rant on quite a bit with longer reviews (hell, I do that in virtually every other post I make anyway!), so it's good to you thought it was readable. Nashville Skyline there is, as I say, definitely the most flat-out country album in Dylan's back-catalogue, so you should like that one. Can't remember if I said this in the review or not, but the album has a total running time of only about 30 minutes, so it's not exactly that demanding either. I'm sure you'll absolutely love the Dylan/Cash duet on the opening track too. I doubt you'll have much trouble finding the album but, if you do, you know who to call

One or two more of these are on the way from me by the way. I know whenever I say that in a thread it usually ends up taking weeks for me to get round to it, but I'll do my best to mull over at least one album here by the end of the week.
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