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Originally Posted by Flower Child View Post
Oh I'm so happy you reviewed this album! I've really been wanting to expand my collection of Emmylou and I've been told quite a few times that this a good album of hers. She and Willie Nelson were big pals and I recognize a few of those songs as ones he's performed too. I have to agree with you that she is pretty hit and miss. She'll either blow you away, or leave something to be desired it seems. Love her style though. I'm not one who falls inlove with female country & western singers but she's one of my exceptions. Patsy Cline too, and I'll soon review an album of hers, but I've yet to get my hands on the one I've been recommended.
Yeah, this one's definitely a classy slice of music and no mistake. Pieces Of the Sky and Luxury Liner, as far as her 70s output goes, are two very good albums as well. One of the reasons Emmylou's my favourite country lady (for want of a better phrase) is because she actually took a very convincing change in direction into a more alternative rock territory in her later years, and came up with another two of my favourite ever albums for it. Elite Hotel here has One Of These Days and Wheels on it though, which is reason enough to make it my favourite album of hers bar none.

I'll fess up and say I'm not really so keen on classic country's female singer-songwriters either, but that said I still haven't really explored the genre properly yet. I'm a fan of Lucinda Williams and Gillian Welch as well, but they're a bit too modern for this thread really. I'll be looking forward to your Patsy Cline review as well whenever you can manage it - someone I've beewanting to check out for quite a while now. Plus, Elvis Costello's a fan of hers, so she must be good eh
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