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Originally Posted by Gavin B. View Post
I put a nomination for Massive Attack but it hasn't been appeared for a vote yet. I wonder if it got lost or something. I was suprised the somebody didn't nominate them a long time ago.

Joni Mitchell is a great nomination. She's written more great songs than just about any other female songwriter I can think of.
Gavin...I did indeed receive your nomination for Massive Attack. However, it came with no write-up on why you'd like them to be nominated, or vids. If you could resend it with all of that helpful information, I'll certainly post it up next. Thanks.

Originally Posted by mojopinuk View Post
You may want to send in your nominations via PM with a write-up. Im not sure if NSW was just taking a break from this or had run out of nominees but she did invite people to send them in, so get to work!
I'm not able to be on MB as much as I'd like for a little bit (this will hopefully change soon), but I will always make time to post new nominations that members send in, with write-ups included of course.

Y'all heard the man...Get to work people!
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