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Originally Posted by baldy1138 View Post
Steely Dan is one of the bands my wife and I just can't agree on. I like them, she can't stand them. Bit too much of a smooth jazzy sound for her.
Originally Posted by VEGANGELICA View Post
That's funny, because your wife's reaction to Steely Dan is almost exactly like mine! For example, if "Babylon Sister" came on the radio all jazzy and smooth, I would DEFINITELY change the station. It just sounds too smooth and easy listening and lounge lizardy to me.

However, if "My Old School" came on the radio, and I was driving 8 hours across Nebraska, and I was happy just to have any ol' music on to keep me alert, I wouldn't mind the song and would probably sing along to its lyrics..."I'm never going back to my high school!" But I would never seek out a Steely Dan song (that I know of) intentionally to listen to...even though they play very well. (I just listened again to "My Old School." Yep. They are all very good musicians.)
My wife is the same way, she doesnt even like to listen to Steely Dan
Can you imagine that!
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