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Originally Posted by tore View Post
I think the threads are differently themed as your old thread deals mostly with specific artists and songs while the approach here is more geneal...
No complaints here. This version appears to be the thinking man's version of my old one anyway.

Here's my contribution to what I consider a heinous crime against music of the highest order.
Between the years of 1968 right up until 1982, Pickwick's Hallmark label insisted on releasing the abominations known to it's victims as the Top of the Pops Album.
These crimes against music were perpetrated by anonymous criminals/session musicians going by the laughable name of 'The Top of the Poppers'.
The idea was to replicate the hits from the particular year of the albums release.
Kind of like the modern day releases of the ironically named 'Now That's What I Call Music' CD's...only much worse!!!

The album covers were largely unimaginative although rather pleasing on the eye. :insert wank smiley here:
Which is more than can be said of their dubious content.

Random covers from random years shown below.
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