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Originally Posted by Conan View Post
Haha, I knew I'd get flack for that. Coltrane is great but as far as I know he never approached Zorn's speed.
Yeah, but virtuosity of that nature is oversold on most instruments, but the saxophone is such a legato instrument, that I feel all virtuosity is to be found in the subtleties that players are able to bring out of the instrument, how well they can make it talk and breath.
Listen to the staccato melody in Sonny Rollins' St. Thomas, or Coltrane's 'Breathiness' in his solo on Miles' Flamenco Sketches, or even Coleman Hawkins' vibrato-- yeah, the other great Coleman saxophonist, on Body and Soul and you see that the devil really is in the details, the subtle ones, at least.
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And if you're getting bored then feel free to go give Eddie Vedder a handjob.
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