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Originally Posted by mr dave View Post
nope, i've only really used marshalls, peaveys, and traynors. everything i've ever read or heard about the vox amps has been gold though. if the quality of their wah pedal is indicative of the company's overall quality then i have no doubt on the AC-15 being great.
Your completly correct. I just went down amp shoppin at my local guitar shop and spent a while talking and trying the Vox Ac15. My biggest concern was if it got loud enough (in comparison to a Blues JR for instance) and the guy working there said hes been gigging with one for years now and it has far more overall volume and clean headroom than almost all other 12" combos of that size.

It was a looker as well, with all that vintage cloth and such I wanted to buy it real bad.


And avoid that Yamaha Pacifica 112 XJ like Dave said. I borrowed my friends for a while cus I thought it looked like a cool little shredder guitar to try out for a while and well....its a toy. Doesnt sound half bad tbh but feels like a joke.
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