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elphenor 08-30-2021 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by Mucha na Dziko (Post 2183531)
Not all humans are incompetent though.

Because most people are incompetent it's much easier for those who actually are to manipulate the rest.
Conspiracy theories usually don't make much sense, but the idea of a human (or a group) being behind some dark schemes isn't impossible.

Like, haven't you ever tricked/manipulated someone into doing or thinking something (harmless of course)?
It's not that hard. Now it just has to be translated into a bigger picture, and masses are easier to manipulate than a singular human being.

never chalk up to conspiracy what can easily be explained by stupidity

jadis 08-30-2021 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by Lucem Ferre (Post 1959833)
What I don't get is how you could believe in any conspiracy theory that puts so much faith into human competence. We're incompetent as ****. Look at Charles Schlund III. They were giving Manson drugs and trying to push him towards acting extreme according to Schlund. It was all an attempt to discredit the hippie movement. That's stupid as ****. Our government is stupid as ****. Like MKUltra. There was nothing special in it. They found nothing more effective at swaying people than good old fashioned propaganda.

Not disagreeing with the overall thrust of what you said but on Manson I find this book fairly convincing, if only because he doesn't try to dot all the i but shows how much is left unknown even after you explore all the holes in the official version of events.

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