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Creation Date: 01-23-2007 03:06 PM
everything is beautiful from some perspective, everything is ugly from some perspective. everything is true from some perspective, everything is false from some perspective. go under, rise above.
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  #2 New 01-24-2007 07:18 PM
Noise rock, or "pigfuck," as it is sometimes lovingly called, is a genre of music that takes punk aesthetic to its extreme, generally drawing from the atonal musical experiments of noise and industrial and making them more direct, generally with song structures resembling punk rock, though this is not necessarily true. The roots of noise rock can be traced back to the 60's, to the "Nihilist Spasm Band," a group who constructed their own instruments and played mostly free improv. The Velvet Underground truly laid the foundations for noise rock, most notably with their songs "The Black Angel's Death Song" on VU&Nico and "I Heard Her Call My Name" on White Light/White Heat. In the 70's, the No Wave became an important genre in New York, inspiring artists such as The Ex and Sonic Youth. Noise rock finally emerged as an independent genre in the 80's, with bands like Big Black, the Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid, The Swans, The Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, and Pussy Galore gaining attention from an "alternative" audience. In the 90's, Japanese bands like The Boredoms and Melt Banana emerged on the scene, making noise rock even more abrasive and direct.

Some essential albums:

Big Black - Atomizer
The Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician
Jesus Lizard - Goat
The Boredoms - Pop Tatari
Scratch Acid - The Greatest Gift
The Swans - Children of God
The Cows - Sorry in Pig Minor

For those of you who already have most of those albums, and are into noise rock, here are some more albums that you'll be sure to enjoy:

Arab on Radar - Queen Hygiene II

Noise rock the way it was meant to be done, screeching guitars, demented vocals, and a strong underlying sense or rhythm and a twisted atonal sense of melody.
(Not my link, so I can't vouch for it, sorry)

The Cherubs - Heroin Man

One of my favourite noise rock albums, extremely tight and loud, it comes at you and pummels you with violent guitar and vocals that make your head spin.

Dazzling Killmen - Face of Collapse

Similar to The Cherubs, look on allmusic if you need more information.

Skullflower - IIIrd Gatekeeper

As far as noise rock goes, Skullflower are rather unique. Their music is sometimes described as "dark ambient," but that to me reminds raises connotations of Sunn 0))) style drone music. Though Skullflower is sometimes that, they're also a lot more, they have pummeling riffs, distorted guitar, pummeling drums, all to keep you on the edge of your seat. At other times, they rely on a more Neu-like driving rhythm with interesting guitar experimentation layered on top of it. Basically, this album lies somewhere in between Sunn 0))) and Arab on Radar, it's dense, experimental and challenging, but hardly boring.

The Cows

The Cows are the shit. They're fast, furious they screech and holler and murder trumpets and babies just for kicks and at no point do they stop rocking the shit out of you. Here's two albums.

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#7 01-10-2013 03:13 PM
jammer4life Says:
I love finding new music! Thanks for all the input. in your spare time check out this band Stikyfut. caught them live.. they rock!
#6 01-23-2012 08:10 PM
Guys and Gals! I came across this group Dacav5 on youtube. They have a single out called "Dirty Style" that is really good! I was so happy to find a new group that i liked..i figd id share with everyone! You can check out the official vid for "Dirty Style" right here -- They also have a mix by the Wideboys that is currently doing really well in the can check that out here! --
#5 08-19-2010 06:02 PM
R4 Hard rock Says:
ATTENTION ALL ROCK LOVERS!! R4 needs your help! Recently we finished recording our album. We need all the music lovers to listen to our project, with hard effort, practice and dedication we composed all this songs to be heard, please help us spread the word we will be most grateful! And before hand thank you for those who took their time to listen to our cd.
#4 01-28-2007 02:36 AM
Merkaba Says:
Cardboard do you have any Cows you could upload or point me towards?
#3 01-26-2007 08:55 AM
The Nihilist Spasm band is from my town and we host the annual NO MUSIC festival. What Seattle is to grunge Lon-Dump Ontario is to Noise Rock, Thurston Moore has even come down to the festival a few times
#2 01-25-2007 07:48 AM
I love Arab on Radar, and Skullflower!! and quite alot of noise rock actually. nice blog.
#1 01-25-2007 06:17 AM
White Lies Says:
Ahh I think this is something I'll enjoy. Very interesting blog. I'm into the essential albums you listed, so I'll most def be checking these out. Thanks buddy

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