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Creation Date: 11-27-2007 11:13 PM
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  #1 New 11-27-2007 11:44 PM
About a month or so ago i had one of my most memorable trips. Most are good, but there are always the ones you will never forget. On this one my friend had thrown a party of about 20 or so people, so the house was pretty busy until like 12-1ish. My four other friends took the acid with me. All of us took varying amount because two of the people tripping with myself and my two best friends were relatively new to it all. Us three though took 3 very strong hits each after smoking and drinking heavily from 6:00 Pm on.

At this point after we had eaten the tabs (hits) we all went into a pretty crowded room where everyone was. Soon to find out that this was a huge mistake for me. Extremely fast (maybe 20 minutes) i started feeling it with intensity, which was odd because it usually takes a solid hour or more for me to really feel the effects. While everyone was talking and watching a movie/drinking i went into a corner and lied on the carpeted floor. At this point i did not feel sick just extremely confused and could not figure out at all what was going on.

Now i said to myself that i had to go downstairs by myself because i just could not handle to intensity of the room because of all the strange noises visions and emotions i was having in there. So i slowly made my way downstairs and put on the 2nd best tripping cd known to man, Heroes of the Imagination - 1200 Micrograms. This is only beaten by Voyage 34 - Porcupine Tree, but that is for another blog/entry. Soon two other people who had also taken 3 hits came into the room and we all sat down for a bit with all the lights off and just this incredible music playing. This part i will do my best to describe but i think that you can really only grasp it if you have tripped hard before. The music gets progressively more intense throughout each song, which gives you this feeling of just building up and working up into something unimaginably powerful and strong. It felt to me as if i were on a plaform with intense lights systematically going off around me. Meanwhile this platform was being rocketed upwards as i rose with the intensity of the music.

That lasted for a good 15-25 minutes until a few other friends came down and completely ruined the mood. I would have been mad f i was not tripping so hard, so i just half acknowledged them and sat there for a little. After a little bit us first three decided they needed to go back upstairs because they were completely ruining the mood. So we closed the door again and this time ll were lying belly down on the floor.

This is where the trip was the best and started to get VERy intense. The entire basement is kinda tangled in wires because of the video game systems computers and various cables. So when the music was turned up this time i felt as if i were in some type of very vine covered jungle and that there were animals and many different things crawling all around me. Even though the room was dark it was as if i was in the middle of a green jungle, which was wild to me because i had no recollection at the time that i was tripping, just that i was in some strange place. i did not bother me though, i just stared around explored what i saw. Again this is very hard to explain, not only because its complicated what happened, but i don't remember exactly.

At the end of this album, about 45 minutes later the entire atmosphere changed...
To be continued...
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#1 11-02-2008 09:17 PM
phr335p1r17 Says:
Damn boss. Good to hear you had a good trip tho. I'm keeping those artists mentioned above for further reviewing later. Hope they're good.

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