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30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill - Lyrics Meaning

The song titled "The Kill" is a song from the rock band known as 30 seconds to mars which Jared Leto is a member of. The song was released on the bands second studio album titled "A beautiful lie." The album titled a beautiful lie was released on January 24th of 2006. The song has proved to be very successful for 30 seconds to mars.

The meaning behind the song can be easily misinterpreted when you watch the video. However, if you take in the lyrics alone, that is where you will find the meaning of the song. The video displays the band at a hotel in which they are the only ones there. In the video, the band members are warned to stay out of room number 6277. Once they enter the room, they begin to see apparitions and experience different things. The number for the hotel room may seem random, but when it is typed out on a telephone it spells "mars."

It is easy to see why the video could throw some listeners and fans off of the track when interpreting the depth of the song and its meaning. The lyrics provide the meaning of the song. The song is about over coming any fears that you had and facing the truth about who you are. Ultimately, the song is about accepting yourself.