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A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras - Lyrics Meaning

A Perfect Circle touched the hearts of many when they released their 3 Libras song in 2001. This intense song with a dark but meaningful voice and the musical instruments set the stage for yet another hit release from A Perfect Circle.

The meaning behind the 3 Libras song has been relatively unclear, and most would agree that A Perfect Circle intended it to be that way. However, there are some themes that remain consistent when the meaning of the lyrics is discussed. Rumor has it that 3 Libras was written about a variety of people in the singer's life and all of them had the Libra zodiac sign, so it was a way of identifying them without naming names. It is also fairly common that the song was about a girl (or girls) whose attention he attempted to get, but he did not succeed. According to Maynard James Keenan, the song is about being overlooked and unnoticed.

3 Libras was a brilliantly written song for its meaningful lyrics that applied to many people in many different situations. It is the type of song that various people can apply to their life or situation because while the lyrics can be interpreted in a variety of ways, the meaning remains consistent, and those who feel overlooked for any reason can take comfort in this song.

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