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Adelle - Rolling in the deep - Lyrics Meaning

A smash hit single that propelled Adelle's career to international success, reaching 1st in over 10 countries in hit charts becoming Adelle's best seller, The musician has described this song as a dark blues style of gospel disco tune. The song is vocalised powerfully almost drowning the instruments making adelle's vocals stand out in a powerful impact that draws her listeners in. The song starts to explain her negative past, dark times in her life that she hangs onto, she knows time is passing, enraged she places darkness (sadness) is a fire (anger). She can "see can see clearly now" she knows what to do now.

"Sell me out" she feels shes been betrayed by someone she trusted, hurting her she has had enough "See how i leave with every piece of you" Shes leaving or not letting anyone hurt her anymore but she will always keep the memories she loves, she knows it could have worked but they wont change.

She has nothing to hide now and she sees the people that caused her pain completely for what they are, they have become callus, and they have alot to be ashamed for, she has become strong and will never let anyone hurt her again.

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