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Al Green - Ain't No Sunshine - Lyrics Meaning

This particular version of "Ain't No Sunshine" is exceptionally well done by gospel and blues singer Al Green. Green's husky vocals provide a better cover for the piece than many of the other 50 + singers who have recorded the work, first published in 1971. The songs deep, emotional lyrics have contributed to its lasting success.

The song seems to be telling the story of a man who is so deeply in love with a woman that when she leaves him, its as though the whole world goes dark. In this highly romanticized interpretation, the depth of his affection renders him miserable, and he can't walk away from the relationship. Even though at times he seems to know better than to stay, he can't walk away from the light of his life.

Well, while this is sweet and wonderful, the song was actually inspired by a dark tale of drug addiction! Bill Withers, the song writer, based the piece on the movie "Days of Wine and Roses" which was about hard core drug use and suicide. Hardly the nice meaning it has been given over the years! However, it is a beautiful piece interpreted either way, and your sweetie never has to know the truth.

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