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Alanis Morissette - 8 Easy Steps - Lyrics Meaning

The song "8 Easy Steps" was released by Alanis Morissette in the year of 2004. This particular song is the third single from Alanis' "So called Chaos" album. The rock song was quite successful for the musician. 8 easy steps was once in the top ten on the dance music chart and in the top forty on the adult top forty chart. Just like the title of the album, the song seems to be a bit chaotic. It is this very reason that a lot of people have trouble interpreting the song.

Although the song features some confusing lyrics, there is a clear meaning behind the song. In this particular song, Alanis is speaking about self improvement. For instance, in the song; Alanis says "how to lie to yourself and thereby to everyone else." The song also features numerous other "steps" which ultimately are not steps that you truly want to take.

The depth of this song is immeasurable. The song is a reflection of all of the things that we see on a daily basis in ourselves or in others. It is easy and quite common to be something you are not or vise versa. This song is a great example of this reality. 8 easy steps is a song about how your inner self compares to your outer self.

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