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Alter Bridge - Open Your Eyes - Lyrics Meaning

˙Open Your eyes was the first single for Alter Bridge off of their debut album One day Remains released in 2004. It is their biggest hit as of yet. The song has an uplifting message that speaks of unity, which is not too far off the path of the formula that drove their former band Creed to fame. The lyrics take an introspective tone where the protagonist has clarity and sees the source of his angst. The main theme of this song is that life cannot be fulfilling for society or the individual unless there is unity. When this occurs both the individual and society at large will be happier.

˙Open your Eyes was not intended to be the first single off the album. The track Down to My Last was what the band wanted, but the record label overrode their choice and chose Open Your Eyes. It was decided that Down to My Last sounded too similar to Creed. Lead vocalist Myles Keneddy and original Creed Bassist Brian Marshall were brought in to complete the line up for the band. The song was heavily rotated on MTV, VH1 and was fairly well received by critics, but never found the commercial success of Creed.


Alter Bridge - Broken Wings

Broken Wings is the third single released off of the band's debut album One Day Remains. It peaked at number 29 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. The song is about how people changed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The traumatic event leaves the protagonist searching for meaning and feeling scared and alone. He is not sure if he will end up alone but he knows that the world has turned into a cold ruthless place so he chooses to go through the world alone and not help anyone. Despair and uncertainty torture the man as he feels he is going through life on broken wings. His soul is tortured and his knees are skinned as if he has been on them praying, begging and weeping to find meaning in all of the chaos and confusion.

The single was not as popular as the first two off of the band's debut record. Actor Paul Guilfoyle from CSI appeared in the music video. The band, which is made up of former members of Creed, said they got the name of the album from their mantra of living life as if one day remains. The record has sold approximately 750,000 copies and is certified gold by the RIAA.