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American Hi-Fi - Flavor Of The Weak - Lyrics Meaning

This 2001 break out hit by American Hi-Fi caused a small riot with their fans, as they couldn't quite string all of the lyrics together in a way that made perfect sense. "Flavor of the Weak" wasn't meant to be nonsensical. However, something about the way the band cranked out the lyrics in the punk rock number had people missing keywords and getting confused.

The song seems to be telling the story of a semi-traditional love triangle. The singer of the song is in love with the girl, who unfortunately already has a boyfriend that she loves dearly. She loves everything about him, even his pot smoking, video game obsessed ways. Unfortunately, he doesn't share her affections, as illustrated by such lines as "He's got her best friend on the phone".

The final lines of the chorus belt out the singers deep desire to make the girl of his dreams realize that her current love thinks of her as a disposable accessory. Since she means so much more to him than to her boyfriend, he wants her to leave him, although he lacks the nerve to actually communicate this to her directly. Thus, the song ends on an angst-filled note, as the singer remains trapped in his love triangle.

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