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Anberlin - Feel Good Drag - Lyrics Meaning

Feel Good Drag was originally supposed to appear on the band's 2005 record Never Take Friendship Personal. Instead it was released on their 2008 release New Surrender. Front man Stephen Christian explained the underlying theme of the song is about getting into a relationship when you know it is destined for failure. It's about knowing you're doing something wrong whether it be because of naivety or just ignoring the fact that the person may be in a relationship with someone else yet going ahead anyway. It is about being a nice person and walking into a relationship and getting taken advantage of but at the end of the day it was your fault and you made a wrong choice.

The song speaks to the temptation that people have with dangerous situations when it comes to relationships. The allure of knowing that the person you are seeing may be dating someone else, but many people want what they cannot or shouldn't have. The song speaks on the cycle of destructive relationships and how they take their toll on a person's soul, but the same mistake is often made because of the lure of seduction and sin. Christian makes reference to this when he sings "I fell in love with your sin."

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