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Apocalyptica - I Don't Care - Lyrics Meaning

Apocalyptica, a musical band notorious for creating meaningful and heartfelt lyrics to great music, did it once again when they released I Don't Care. This song touched the hearts of many, and its lyrics went even deeper than the musical arrangement itself and fans and listeners were able to relate to this song the way Apocalyptica intended when it was written.

The lyrics are slightly derogatory in nature in some parts, but the message is clear. It gave people the power to move past someone in their life who is not healthy for them, somebody who keeps them from growing and living. I Don't Care is a song about strength and telling the person keeping them down that they do not care whether or not they are around (in more derogatory terms, dead or alive) and that they are going to move on with their own life despite the other person trying to hold them back.

A lot of people originally thought that the song was written about the singer's girlfriend, but as the song was listened to more, the specificity of whom it is about became less apparent. In reality, the lyrics to this song could represent a variety of relationships; romantic, parental, friendship, etc. It became recognized as a song that was perfect for anyone struggling in a relationship where they felt like they were being held back.

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