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Ashes Divide - The Stone - Lyrics Meaning

Ashes Divide, an alternative or progressive rock band came out with The Stone in January of 2008. This intense song with its dark vocals and rock instrumentals broke through with a very important message that needed to be brought forth.

The Stone is about change; accepting it and refusing to stay in a constant state, either mentally or physically. Stagnation is easy because change is hard, but one who is not willing to accept and embrace change will not go forth and be able to grow. Ashes Divide makes a reference to flowers pushing through the stone and that would suggest people being able to push through the barriers, because without being willing to change, the stones remain and nothing new can happen or get through. This could mean anything from physically moving barriers in their life, to simply a person embracing who they are so that they can make a difference and let change happen.

These lyrics are very powerful, as they enforce the importance of letting go and letting change happen. All too often, people get caught up in doing what feels right or what feels normal, but that is because it is comfortable. This song is extremely powerful in the sense that it urges its listeners to embrace change rather than pushing it away.