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Ben Folds Five - Brick - Lyrics Meaning

"Brick" is a 1997 song by the Ben Folds Five. The song is sometimes referred to as the "saddest song in the happiest chord" because its sensitive subject matter is set to the key of D major. The song was a departure from the band's typical piano rock sound. It was Ben Fold's Five biggest hit, charting at number 26 in the U.K, and although it wasn't released as a single in the U.S., the song still received mainstream radio airplay in the states.

Ben Folds wrote the verses of "Brick" while drummer Darren Jessee wrote the song's chorus. Folds had been somewhat reluctant early on to reveal the song's meaning, however, in 2003, Folds opened up about the subject on his CD "Ben Folds Live."

On the CD, Folds explains that the song is about the sadness he's carried over the fact that he and his high school girlfriend had an abortion that was kept from their families. Ben goes on to say that he was adamant to not write a song that made a political stance or statement. The lyrics were simply his recounting of how the whole ordeal felt - the toll that it took on him, her, and their relationship. He feels that anyone that has gone through something similar should be able to relate to the song. There is a deep depression bubbling as Folds is saying that his girlfriend is a brick, tied around him, pulling him under in a sea of pain and regret.

Folds no longer plays "Brick" live in concert. There is some speculation that he doesn't like singing something so personal with fans that may or may not understand exactly how personal the lyrics are to him. While touring to promote "Brick" in the states, in return for radio airplay, Ben Folds Five would play radio station promotion concerts where the hosting DJ's would make inappropriate remarks about abortion. Those incidences were difficult for Ben Folds to handle and may have contributed to his uneasiness about playing the song in front of a live audience.

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