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Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love - Lyrics Meaning

The famous Billy Idol song "Cradle of Love", also known by "Rock The Cradle of Love" is almost more famous for its video than for its lyrics. The 1990 smash hit off of the Charmed Life album was Idol's first and only #1 single, and is still considered legendary in the rock pantheon. However, it wasn't a song written about equal affections between two lovers.

Instead, the song address something was quite novel in its day, but has since become mainstream. The song title came from the expression "robbing the cradle", an allusion to lovers of uneven ages dating each other. It was controversial and sexy in 1990, but now that cougars are a mainstream reality TV feature it seems much less scandalous.

Nevertheless, the song addresses the challenges of such a relationship squarely, while still keeping the music sultry and hot. Though the male character seems to be resisting on one hand, on the other hand he is encouraging the much younger woman to continue to tease and taunt him. In the end, he decides that although the relationship will be difficult "love comes a million ways" and he will embrace the relationship for as long as he can.