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Bitter Sweet - Dirty Laundry - Lyrics Meaning

Released by Bitter Sweet on their debut album in 2006, "Dirty Laundry" quickly became a pop hit. Featured on a number of TV shows, movies trailers, and commercials, the jazzy influences and sultry voice of the singer have been big audience hooks. However, the song has also sparked many debates about the meaning of the lyrics.

The band itself has not stated what they feel to be the definitive meaning of the song, allowing fans to go crazy on the various music forums with speculation. Essentially, however, the song tells the story of a girl who is perfectly fine with her boyfriend's past baggage and indiscretions. Part of her motivation for forgiving and accepting his behavior is her own tendency to misbehave, making them alike. Several parts of the song seem to hint at infidelities, lies, and deliberate wrongdoing.

Since both parties in the relationship freely admit to being less than perfect, it becomes a representation of a partnership of equals. Although her boyfriend isn't the best guy in the world, she is hardly being an innocent victim as he does his thing. Instead, the song celebrates making the best of the situation and enjoying a relationship that is meaningful even if it isn't ideal.