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Blake Shelton - Hillbilly Bone - Lyrics Meaning

The song Hillbilly bone is a song about being proud to be country and is the title track on Shelton's second album. Shelton asked Trace Adkins to perform guest vocals with him on this track as well and said in an interview that "it sounds like a Trace Adkins song." This song was written to be a fun song that jokingly states that everyone has a little bit of `hillbilly' in them. Hillbilly is a nickname which came from the early 20th century and references someone that lives in a remote or rural region of the US. Miranda Lambert who is Shelton's girlfriend refers to this song as the "ultimate redneck anthem."

The meanings behind the lyrics of this song are that "no matter where you live, there's something about you that's country." Whether you live in New York City or Tennessee this song will make you relate to your down home roots and is fun, upbeat and country way of getting in touch with those roots. The song's lyrics suggest that whether you are from a `hillbilly' part of the country or not that once you get out there, you will "take to it like a pig to mud," Meaning that you will immediately find your `hillbilly bone' if you give it half a chance.

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