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Blues Traveler - Hook - Lyrics Meaning

Hook was recorded in 1994 by Blues Traveler. It is on the Album, "Four".

In music, the hook is the part of a song that catches the listener's ear. It may be a rhythm or melodic phrase. It may be a section of the chorus, or it may even be the whole chorus.

In the first verse, the lyrics are about the fact that lyrics don't have to mean anything as long as the singer sounds convincing. Moving on to the chorus, "because the hook brings you back" means that even though the song may mean absolutely nothing, if there's a hook to the song, you'll be sure to listen to it again.

In the second verse, the singer tells us that "I am being insincere". He tells us that just the lyrics alone will make us listen to the song. He then throws some familiar names into the song, like Peter Pan and Anne Boelyn, and Rin Tin Tin. This is supposed to make us work on trying to find what the message is in the song. These "familiar heroes from Long ago" don't actually have any special meaning in this song.

The lyrics continue to tell us that there is a certain formula for success. Writing music that has a catchy hook will make money and become popular. If an artist writes about what they want, it could be "financial suicide"

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