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Blur - Song 2 - Lyrics Meaning

In the mid nineties `Britpop' was everything in parallel to Americas grunge scene. Musically they were polar opposites and they each had very little respect for each other.

Graham, the bassist from blur, was secretly a grunge fan and would play this king of music in his headphones to avoid chastising from the band.

Damon Albarn though approached Graham with a few grunge type songs for Graham to choose. The track he selected was `Song 2'its working title and official release name.

Ironically the song charted very well in England, ironic for the fact it was meant to be a satirical stab at everything grunge. Seeming non-sensical lyrics and a clich‚d video to match apparently weren't noticed by the public at the time who rode it to chart success.

`I got my head done,

When I was young,

It's not my problem'

These lyrics demonstrate the incoherent nature of the whole song, jumping from subject to subject with no links. One of the main victims of `Song 2' was the Pixies who were the poster grunge band of the nineties.

Now Damon Albarn says that it was a branching to more pure music and has never addressed the thoughts that it was in actual fact a mickey take, these have been confirmed by other members of the band though.

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