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Bob Marley - no woman no cry - Lyrics Meaning

One of the most relevant songs in music history it still stands as one of the greatest reggae songs of all time, released in 1974 making its way to #37 on Rolling stones greatest hits Vincent ford was a friend of Marley's who ran a soup kitchen in trenchtown where bob grew up, this was Bobs first hit touring around the world such as the UK.

A song about his upbringing, his stories in his hometown trenchtown, Marley's lyrics are both political and personal, mentioning the "government and observing the hypocrites" as well as talking to his girlfriend (or another girl) who is crying and he is telling her not to cry, and telling her to forget the past, and he reminds her of the good memories, and the fact that "everything's gonna be alright". The line of the song is "No, Woman, Nuh cry." Nuh is Jamaican for "don't," the meaning of the lyric is No, Woman, Don't cry... He's leaving and reassuring her that the poverty they live in won't get her down, that everything will be alright and "don't shed no tear. This has been played and covered and is still played by numerous musicians to this day. as an all-timer this ageless classic will be used and played as long as there is a fan base for reggae there will always be a place for Marley.

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