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Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea - Lyrics Meaning

Beyond the Sea was written and recorded way back in 1946 , by the French composer Charles Trenet . The song was originally entitled "La Mer" which means the sea. The English lyrics were created by prolific US songwriter Jack Lawrence, which bore only a scant resemblance to Trenet's version.

Lawrence's lyrics and Trenet's music made for a very lilting song, and many prominent artists of the forties and fifties recorded versions of it.

However, in the US, beyond the sea has always been associated with the late Bobby Darin who recorded the song in 1959, at the peak of his career, and took it to number six in the largely pop influenced charts of the era.

While Trenet's lyrics were different and unrelated from Lawrence's version the obvious common theme was the sea. The difference was that the French lyrics described the life of seaman's partner who was constantly separated because of her lover was constantly sailing the seas.

Lawrence's lyrics describe a couple who are separated by the sea, and how they dream of being re-united one day. Here are two of the principal lines of the song describing the frustration of the lovers as they wait to meet again.

Somewhere beyond the sea ,she's there watching for me

I know beyond a doubt my heart will lead me there soon

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