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Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk - Lyrics Meaning

Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls exemplifies how easily love can turn ugly. The singer of this song was in love with a girl, so in love he related it to the euphoria of being drunk. However, their loved turned sour like a stomach after too much alcohol.

When they first met, there was great chemistry between them, and they were so in love they promised each other forever. They spent the nights together in love, kissing all night. However, once their love turned to hate, the nights quickly related to "bar fights". Their time as lovers has ended, and he is bitter towards their relationship. He does not want to make things better between them, and he does not want to hear from her.

He compares their relationship to being drunk and then hungover. While drunk, everything is all fun and games. However, once the night is over and it has to be faced in the morning, it seems like a lot less fun than it did at the time being. He feels sick over their relationship, and like most after a night of hard drinking, swears it will not be done again. In his lyrics, he says "I love your forever, forever is over" which is stating that he will not put himself in that position with her again. She was his alcohol and she made him sick.

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